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Quantum Reversal (QR) released QR100

Calgary, Canada – Quantum Reversal (QR) released QR100 a novel L1/L2 GPS anti-jamming unit and QR101, L1/L2 GPS anti-jamming antenna designed for the commercial market to solve the issue of unintentional RF interference and/or jamming. QR100 uses three external passive or active GPS antennas of user choice while QR101 has three passive L1/L2 antennas embedded inside the enclosure. Low power consumption of 1 Watt and low cost allows for a wide range of applications where the continuity of GPS service is a must requirement. “Clever RF signal nulling in the RF domain allowed us to eliminate the need for signal processing and hence significantly reducing the power consumption when compared to existing military solutions”, said Waldemar Kunysz, QR President and CTO. This technology prevents the RF front-end from saturation when the interfering signal is very strong due to its power or due to close proximity to the antenna. This extends the range of the operation for mobile applications and reduce susceptibility to nearby sources of interference for any type of fixed installations.